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Obenshain Law Group has recovered nearly $50 million in compensation for personal injury clients and handled over 120 jury trials. If you've been injured, we can help you understand your rights and fight aggressively for the compensation you deserve. We also offer legal guidance and representation for business litigation matters, partnership/shareholder disputes and will contests.

The Virginia State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct requires all attorneys to make the following statement and disclaimer to their case results: Settlements and verdicts in all cases depend on various factors and circumstances which are unique to each case. Therefore, past results in cases are not a guarantee or prediction of similar results in future cases which Obenshain Law Group and its lawyers may undertake.

    • Wrongful Death of Process Server $3,000,000.00

      Secured a $3 million judgment in death of a process server retained by the lawyer of a wife in a divorce action retained to serve pleadings on the estranged husband. The process server was shot and killed by the estranged husband.

    • Wrongful Death -- Car-Truck Accident $1,080,000.00

      Won $1.08 million wrongful death verdict for the family of a victim of a car-truck accident in Harrisonburg. The driver of a truck fell asleep, crossed the center line and collided head on with a car occupied by a businessman and his wife. The husband died in the crash and the wife suffered serious injuries.

    • Personal Injury - Farm Accident $1,000,000.00

      Successfully represented a farm laborer who had a piece of equipment dropped on him by the operator of the tractor. The equipment that was dropped was improperly attached to the tractor and resulted in multiple spinal fractures and extensive muscle and ligament damage.

    • Wrongful Death -- Plane Crash $1,000,000.00

      Obtained $1,000,000 settlement for the family of a passenger killed in a small plane crash in Augusta County. The crash occurred when the pilot took off the wrong way on a grass runway and failed to clear trees during takeoff.

    • Personal Injury -- Trucking Accident $865,000.00

      Obtained $865,000 jury verdict for a woman with neck injuries resulting in surgery after a tractor-trailer hit her car on Interstate 81 in Shenandoah County and dragged her vehicle a quarter mile before stopping.

    • Will Contest $800,000.00

      Secured approximately $800,000 in settlement of a will contest on behalf of nieces and nephews excluded from an uncle's estate. One nephew who was attorney in fact for the uncle arranged for a lawyer to write a will leaving the entire estate to him, his sister and her two children.

    • Personal Injury -- Automobile Accident $300,000.00

      $300,000 policy limits settlement for a man who suffered a skull fracture in a rear-end collision in Harrisonburg.

    • Personal Injury - Pedestrian Crash $175,000.00

      Settled a case for a college student who was the victim of a pedestrian crash on a college campus. The driver of the car, also a college student was distracted and struck our client while he was in a pedestrian crosswalk. The client suffered a head injury and was transported by helicopter to a regional trauma center.

    • Personal Injury - Elderly Patron Trips on Grocery Store Floor Mats $75,000.00

      Successfully represented an 80 year old patron who caught her foot under a rubberized floor mat at the entrance to a national chain grocery store. In the fall she suffered a shoulder fracture.

    • Personal Injury - Knee Fracture in Grocery Store Accident $70,000.00

      Recovery Secured a $70,000 settlement on behalf of a client who fell and fractured his knee as a result of debris left on the floor of a national chain of grocery stores.

    • Personal Injury - Truck Crash $35,000.00

      Jury Verdict Represented a front-seat passenger in a truck crash case. The driver of the truck ran off the road and into a ditch in a single car crash. Our client suffered a back injury that required no active treatment.

    • Personal Injury - Bicyclist Hit by Car

      Successfully represented a college student who was hit by a car while she was riding a bicycle through and intersection. The amount of the settlement is confidential.

    • Will Contest - Mental Incapacity

      Represented the family of an elderly widower who lived alone and shortly before his death signed a will purporting to leave all of his assets to a handyman who had befriended him. One lawyer had refused to write the will citing incapacity, but the handyman found another lawyer who did agree to write the will. When exposed, the handyman agreed to surrender all of the assets except for a small sum that was sufficient enough to pay his lawyer.

    • Personal Injury - Tractor Trailer Crash

      Successfully resolved a case in which a tractor trailer driver in heavy traffic was alleged to have ridden the bumper of the client's car, sounded his air horn and ultimately bumped the back of our client's car, sending it rolling off the right side of the interstate. The client suffered a spinal compression fracture.

    • Elder Abuse - Financial Exploitation

      Successfully represented an 83 year old who was pressured into purchasing a timeshare unit and who had unsuccessfully attempted to rescind the purchase. We were able to secure a cancellation of the purchase and a full refund on his behalf.

    • Wrongful Death - Assisted Living Neglect

      Resolved a case in which a 93 year old client fell six times within 30 days of entering an assisted living facility, with the last fall resulting in a broken hip and death.

    • Will Contest

      Won a jury verdict that overturned the will of our clients' father, who signed a new will shortly before his death, leaving the bulk of his estate to his new wife and her children.

    • Will Contest

      Successfully settled the claim of a stepdaughter in a will contest. After the client's mother died, her stepfather signed a new will leaving the bulk of his estate to his stockbroker and his housekeeper.

    • Shareholder Dispute

      Represented one of two founders of a business with each holding a 50% ownership of a technology business with nearly 100 employees and international operations. After one owner asked the Court to dissolve the corporation, our client exercised a little used statutory remedy that allowed him to purchase the shares of the other shareholder as an alternative to dissolution. After a one week trial with competing experts and many allegations of wrong-doing leveled against each side, the Court adopted the valuation proposed by our client and our expert. This was one of the first times ever in Virginia a case of this type has been tried.

    • Wrongful Death -- Plane Crash

      Obtained a policy limits settlement for the family of a passenger killed in a Shenandoah Valley plane crash.

    • Wrongful Death Trucking Accident

      Obtained a policy limits settlement for the family of a truck driver who died in an interstate crash caused by another truck driver who fell asleep, crossed the median and caused a head-on collision.

    • Trade Secret Litigation

      Successfully represented a family owned technology company in trade secret litigation against a Fortune 500 Company, yielding a verdict and an eight-digit recovery for the client.

    • Patent Litigation

      Successfully represented a technology company in patent litigation in multiple districts yielding an eight-digit recovery.

    • Severance Benefits Wrongfully Withheld

      Successfully represented a group of 70+ professional employees of a financially troubled foreign-owned manufacturing company in an ERISA claim seeking recovery of their severance benefits wrongfully withheld by their employer.

    • Trade Secrets Case

      Represented a multi-state food distribution company, which obtained injunctive and other relief from a competitor and former employees in federal court in a trade secrets case.

    • Airplane Crashes

      Successfully represented the families of multiple victims of airplane crashes resulting in millions of dollars in recoveries.

    • Wrongful Death -- Fire

      Multi-million dollar settlement for the family of a business whose guest died in a fire.

    • Personal Injury – Sliding Door Accident in Grocery Store

      Successfully represented an elderly woman who was struck by a negligently maintained sliding door while entering a Harrisonburg grocery store. The motion sensor for the door was improperly adjusted and the door closed, striking and knocking to the floor a 75 year old patron who suffered a broken hip. The amount of the settlement is confidential.

    • Wrongful Death -- Automobile Accident – Cell Phone

      Obtained a policy limits settlement for a family involved in a major crash caused by a teenage driver in an SUV who was distracted while talking on her cell phone, ran a red light and t-boned the clients' compact car. The husband/father died and the mother/wife received serious and life threatening injuries.

    • Federal Civil Rights Act Claims

      Handled more than 100 Federal Civil Rights Act claims on behalf of governmental entities and employees.

    • Fraud and Business Conspiracy

      Successfully represented party to software licensing agreement in asserting fraud and business conspiracy claims against licensor.