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Tips for Hiring a Caregiver

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Hiring a caregiver may be easier said than done. You’ll want to find someone with the proper experience, who gets along with your loved one and can be trusted in their home.

Unfortunately, some caregivers can seem trustworthy at the time of their interview and at times, too good to be true. In this recent Illinois case, a caregiver was caught stealing from their patient while they were in the hospital — a situation that can become your loved one’s worst nightmare. That's why it's essential to properly vet the person you're choosing to care for your loved one.

Perform a Background Check

If you’re in the process of finding a caregiver, you should always do a background check on each candidate before making the hiring decision. Additionally, you should also contact their previous employer to ask about their performance and if they’d recommend that person for the position.

Background checks should also be refreshed on an annual or biannual basis. If you’ve hired a caregiver through an agency, speak with them about their process for refreshing background checks.

Assess Your Elderly Adult's Needs

Each adult has different needs when it comes to finding an at-home caregiver. If your loved one suffers from a health condition that requires special care, you should seek someone who has received additional training to provide proper care. Make sure to discuss with your loved one’s health care provider if they have any recommendations for caregivers of a particular specialty.

Monitor Visits and Behavior

Although you don’t want to be in the caregiver’s way, you have the right to supervise any visits the caregiver makes. Last month in the state of California, a man was found guilty of both sexual and financial abuse with the help of a surveillance system set up by the family. If you opt to use cameras, do make your caregiver aware of their presence.

Make sure to also monitor your loved one’s behavior as they may show signs of abuse or neglect at the hands of the caregiver. If you suspect any issues with your new-hired caregiver, make sure you have a backup plan if the caregiver fails to complete their duties.

Watch for Red Flags

1. Lack of Communication

The first red flag you should look out for takes place during the hiring process. If you notice a candidate cannot keep steady contact with you, you should reconsider hiring them. You want someone who can contact you as soon as possible if something goes wrong with your adult. If you notice your current caregiver isn’t communicating efficiently, you should address it promptly.

2. Negative Reviews

While a criminal background check is essential, you should always check websites for reviews on the caregiver or their agency. If a candidate has a couple of negative reviews, you should first address it with them and then consider the situation. It’s best to contact caregivers with positive reviews that ensure your loved one is in the right hands.

3. Abuse

After you hire your caregiver, it’s necessary to monitor your loved one’s physical and mental state daily. Look out for any bruises or sudden behavior changes, like fear or agitation, as these are signs of abuse. Trust your gut if you feel like something is wrong and look into the situation immediately.

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