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Preventing Caregiver Theft

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Earlier last month, a state investigation in Wisconsin revealed that a caregiver to an elder woman stole over $300,000 in the span of 2 years. Theft from elders is often an underreported crime and can go on for years if proper protective measures aren’t taken.

This blog will discuss how to prevent caregiver theft and what to do if you suspect a problem.

Keep track of valuables.

One of the best tips to give is to make a list of your valuables in the household. It is also advised to keep your financial information private no matter how trustworthy a caregiver may be. This means to make sure you aren’t leaving account numbers and logins on pieces of paper for anyone to see. Make sure everything has a place, and you know where that place is.

Keep valuables out of sight.

When inviting a stranger into your home for an extended time, it’s recommended to keep your most valuable possessions inside a private room or safe. This is not limited to cash, as some people may see jewelry and electronics as valuable items. To make sure your items are safe, you should check the home frequently to ensure all valuables are in their correct place.

Consider installing a security system.

Not only can installing surveillance cameras deter theft, but it can also reassure you in having proof. Since many elder adults are victims of financial abuse and theft, having a security system is beneficial to the overall well-being of your loved one. You are not in the wrong for wanting proper supervision of your loved ones and their assets.

What if these problems reoccur?

Unfortunately, these situations do occur even under the most proper care. However, if you are suspicious of the caregiver, it’s advised to remain calm and monitor your environment. Sometimes caregivers can be new to your house and can easily misplace things, so make sure the item is missing before making an accusation.

If items remain missing after taking proper precautions, your next step should be contacting the authorities. If you hired your in-home caregiver through a licensed company, the company would use the claims filed to run a full report on the caregiver. This is convenient as you won’t have to deal with the distress of questioning the caregiver yourself. If you did not hire through a licensed company, you might need to consider letting your current caregiver go and begin your search for a new one.

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