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Q & A: Contesting a Will

Obenshain Law Group

At Obenshain Law Group, we are committed to helping clients with will contests and probate disputes. We have worked with families who are contesting wills – often written late in life – or in defending a will that is being contested by another, we have the experience and expertise you need to evaluate your case and help protect your family. In this blog, we answer a question our attorneys were asked about contesting a will.


I live in Virginia, but my father, who lived in Maryland, just died and I want to contest his will. Do I need a Virginia lawyer or a Maryland lawyer?


For this situation, the person would likely need a Maryland lawyer to oversee their case. If the father was a resident of Maryland, died in Maryland, filed their will in Maryland, and their estate is being administered in Maryland, then that is the state where the will contest would need to be filed.

If, on the other hand, the father was just visiting Maryland but was a resident of Virginia and his will was offered for probate in Virginia, then a Virginia lawyer will almost certainly be needed to handle the case.

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Do you need help contesting a will in the state of Virginia? If so, call and speak with one of the attorneys at our law firm to discuss the details of your case. We can assess your situation and explain all of your rights under the law. We can track the evidence you need to enforce or challenge a will as it is written, and our attorneys are prepared to defend your interests. Our legal team in Virginia is here to help protect your interests..

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