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FAQ: Will Formalities

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At Obenshain Law Group, we are here to help clients throughout Virginia resolve their legal matters. We take a personalized approach to every case we handle, and we know which legal strategies produce the best results for our clients. Below, we answer a question our attorneys were asked about "Will Formalities."


What do "Will Formalities" mean?


In a will contest, "Will Formalities" refers to the rules concerning proper will execution. In Virginia, a will has to be signed by the maker in the presence of two witnesses who are also there when the maker signs the will. The maker has to acknowledge in the presence of the two witnesses that what he or she is signing is intended to be a will, and the witnesses have to sign in the presence of the maker. In other words, everyone has to understand that it's a will and the maker and the witnesses have to be in the presence of each other at the time of the signing.

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