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What Is a Codicil?


What is a Codicil?

A codicil is a legal document that supplements your last will and testament. Its purpose is to allow you to make changes to your will without having to rewrite the entire document.

Codicils were more popular in the era before computers and personal laptops, but they can still be used today. Before computers and typewriters, a will had to be rewritten entirely by hand, which was an incredibly time-consuming process.

Codicils still make it easier to implement rewrites changes because rather than redoing the entire documents, you can change only the certain parts that need to be amended.

What Can I Do in a Codicil to a Will?

You can use a supplement to make minor changes to your will, like:

  • Changing your executor
  • Updating beneficiaries
  • Updating your gifts to a beneficiary
  • Updating your guardian selection, if you have children under 18

What if I Want to Make a Codicil to a Will?

When making an estate plan or making changes to an existing estate plan, it is always best to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced estate planning attorney.

What if a loved one made changes to their estate plan in a codicil that are not consistent with their known wishes?

If you believe that your loved one made changes to their estate plan in a codicil to a will that does not reflect their intentions, the will, and codicil may be challenged in court. If you believe the codicil was not validly executed or was the product of fraud or undue influence, then the team at Obenshain Law Group is here to help.

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