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Virginia Injury & Will Contest Attorneys

Why is a Will Important?


Why is a Will Important?

The purpose of a will is to establish who gets what as the property of the deceased is distributed following their death. A will also establishes the rights and duties of the person who may inherit a particular property and may name who is to administer the person’s estate.

What Do I Need to Create a Will?

If you are interested in having someone draft a will for you, then you should seek the services of a qualified estate planning attorney. They will sit down with you and determine how best to achieve your goals. Before this meeting think about what property you own and who you would like to leave it to in the case of your death. It’s also important to think about who will be receiving your property and if any special circumstances apply to the person receiving it –are they disabled, do they have special needs, or are they a minor?

What Do I Do if I Need to Contest a Will?

If a relative or someone you know has died and a will has been filed for probate that does not reflect their wishes, then you may be able to file a will contest seeking to overturn the will.

According to Virginia law, someone seeking to contest a will usually has one year to do so from the date the will is filed with the clerk. However, there are particular circumstances where the timeframe may be shorter. To ensure that your case is handled promptly and that you do not run into issues with the Virginia statute of limitations, it's crucial to discuss your concerns with a professional will contest lawyer as quickly as possible.

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