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How Can I Ensure My Loved One is Cared For this Christmas in Their Nursing Home?


How Can I Ensure My Loved One is Cared for in Their Nursing Home this Christmas?  

Many people enjoy the opportunity to spend holidays with their family and loved ones. Christmas and the other holidays that take place during this season are no exception. However, it can be easy to forget about our family members who might not partake in celebrations in our homes.  

How the Christmas Season Impacts Residents in Nursing Homes  

Loneliness is a common feeling amongst residents of long-term care facilities, so you should prioritize making your family members that live in nursing homes know they are loved and included in your family’s holiday festivities. 

In order to make a loved one in a nursing home feel included in the celebrations, consider doing things such as stopping by and staying with them in their nursing home. You could even prepare a plate to bring with you if their particular care facility is okay with it. 

Social media has also provided many opportunities to connect with our loved ones that we cannot see as often. Take time this holiday to shootsend them a message, share a post about how much you love them, or take a picture while you’re with them and post it. 

And finally, you can never go wrong with a written card. A little can go a long way, and it is an easy way to make your loved ones know that they are loved and appreciated.  

Spotting Signs of Neglect 

Neglectful nursing home facilities are not common. However, they do exist. If you are able to visit your loved one in their nursing home around the Christmas season and you notice their behavior seems off, there are some common signs of neglect to which you should know. 

● Your loved one’s hygiene is poor 

● The living conditions of the facility do not meet expectations 

● Mental health issues 

● You notice bedsores or bruises 

● Your loved one has cuts that they are unable to explain 

● You ask them about an injury and learn it went unreported 

● You see that they are increasingly anxious or uncomfortable around staff 

Where to Go For Help 

If you believe that your loved one is suffering neglect or abuse in their nursing home this holiday season, contact the attorneys at } today by calling (540) 318-7360 or filling out an online form to schedule your free consultation. Our elder abuse attorneys are prepared to take our many years of experience and put them to work for you.