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When is the Best Time to Contest a Loved One’s Will that I Believe is Invalid?

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The last will and testament provide instructions for how a deceased person’s assets should be distributed upon their death. This includes naming the beneficiaries—who are the people that will inherit the property upon your loved one’s passing.

If you learn that a loved one’s will has been changed and property or assets that had been promised to you are being directed elsewhere, it may be necessary to contest the will. You may have reason to believe that your loved one was not competent to sign a late in life will or that he or she was improperly influenced, and these could be valid grounds to challenge or contest a will. If you’d like to contest your loved one’s will, that means you’d like to challenge its terms in court with the help of an attorney.

Knowing when to contest your loved one’s will can be a challenge. Keep reading to learn.

The Best Time to Contest the Will

Note that you will not be able to contest your loved one’s will before their death. Even if you have a good reason to challenge the will, you will have to wait until your loved one passes before you can have your attorney file the document as part of the probate process.

The best time to contest your loved one’s will is most frequently right after their passing. It may be difficult for you to go through this legal process while you are grieving the loss of your family member, but it’s important to seek the help of an attorney right away.

The stages of contesting a will can be lengthy, so you’ll want to pack your patience once the process begins.

We’re Here to Help

If you need to contest your family member’s will, our team here at Obenshain Law Group can help. We have helped many other people just like you contest their loved ones’ wills, and we may be able to help you, too. Don’t hesitate to contact our firm with your questions right away.

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