Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

Assistance from a Virginia Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Business partners and shareholders are prone to get into all types of contentious disputes. What may begin as a simple disagreement can grow to much more serious issues, which can be damaging to any company's operations. Issues that go unresolved could even stop the business in its track altogether. Attorney Mark Obenshain of Obenshain Law Group understands the undertaking business owners go through. You have invested a great deal of time, energy, and resources to building up your company, and you want to protect that investment as best as you can.

Talk to Attorney Mark today about your dispute concerns. Having had over 25 years of experience working as one of the top commercial litigation attorneys in Virginia, he knows exactly what it takes to efficiently handle any difficult business disagreements.

Protecting Your Rights as a Business Owner

The success of your business depends on every facet of your company running smoothly. That includes the agreements between you and shareholders or other partners. One of the ways Attorney Mark Obenshain can help is to facilitate a conversation where you and your partner can come to a fair compromise over your dispute. If you believe that the best way to resolve your case is by taking matters to court, Attorney Obenshain can provide representation and counsel for this step as well.

He can handle any type of shareholder or partnership dispute, including:

Attorney Obenshain can search for a creative and practical solution to help with your particular dispute, all while keeping your best interests protected. Not only can he help preserve the relationship with your business partners by resolving the case amicably, he can also minimize any current and future damages as best as possible.

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