Contingent Fee Business & Commercial Litigation

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At Obenshain Law Group, the business law practice is geared towards providing clients with access to the court system. The firm provides a wide variety of business and commercial litigation services across Virginia, and in some situations, across the country.

Attorney Mark Obenshain believes that business success depends on the ability to form effective partnerships – and that is central to his approach to commercial litigation. He understands that not every business client is entrenched in the same circumstances. For some, traditional hourly fee billing makes the most sense, but other businesses and individuals may not have the available resources to allow for such an arrangement.

That is why the firm works with their clients to craft individual fee arrangements that work both for them and for the firm as a whole. Whether it's an hourly billing structure, fully contingent representation, or a mix of the two, Attorney Obenshain doesn't rest until his clients are completely satisfied with the details of their arrangement.

Obenshain Law Group serves clients in Harrisonburg, Winchester, Luray, Staunton, Charlottesville and throughout the Shenandoah Valley.​

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The firm understands that it can be difficult to place your trust in someone else's hands. The Harrisonburg commercial litigation attorney at Obenshain Law Group has been awarded numerous times for his superior legal counsel and devotion to the best for his clients. Having recovered nearly $50 million, Attorney Obenshain truly has the qualifications you're looking for.

What are the benefits of a contingent-fee agreement?

In today's culture, things move at the speed of light and the Harrisonburg business litigation lawyer at Obenshain Law Group is committed to keeping up with the times. The firm is constantly looking for new ways to put their clients first. With a contingent-fee agreement, the client's priorities are truly number one.

Such an agreement can provide the following advantages:

  • Higher level of efficiency
  • Align the interests of the client and attorney
  • Keep expenses low
  • Resolve matters rapidly
  • Recover as much as possible

This risk-sharing feature creates an incentive for lawyers to work diligently and obtain the best results possible. A similar benefit is the contingent fee's tendency to reduce frivolous litigation by discouraging attorneys from presenting claims that have negative value or otherwise lack merit.

If you're interested in a contingent-fee arrangement, but have never looked into one before, the firm would be happy to sit down with you and explain the conditions as they apply to your personal circumstances. Weekend and evening appointments allow the firm to accommodate to the needs of their clients.

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