Mark Obenshain Co-Authors Article on the Privacy Expectation Afterlife & Choices Act

Attorney Mark Obenshain of Obenshain Law Group recently co-authored an article published in the Richmond Journal of Law and the Public Interest titled “Protecting the Digital Afterlife: Virginia’s Privacy Expectation Afterlife and Choices Act.”

The article outlines the need for policy-makers to pay attention to individuals’ online afterlife considering the significant amount of personal data which remains on the internet in such forums as Gmail and Facebook after a person passes away and the legitimate questions which naturally arise over who should have access to this information.

Obenshain and Leftwich go on to unpack the Privacy Expectation Afterlife and Choices Act (PEAC), passed by the Virginia General Assembly in 2015, the state’s response to proposed federal legislation on digital information. Of the more pressing considerations addressed is how the privacy concerns of the individual interact with the management of an estate and the law in the form of the PEAC.

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